I asked the significance of the name TROY? "If it was up to me, I would use everything with the word TROY in it. It is me revealing to that ambitious entrepreneur one person can manage or own anything they desire. It is just like one person owning 1300 large hardware stores all over the United States. It is all about hiring, training, and directing qualified personnel to execute a plan or vision. It is really that simple. Troy is my name, but the word TROY is a tool and a message. For example, the name Wendy went a long way. Of course, a logo and a unique marketing campaign can help." I was completely impressed; Troy was going to do big things. The cigar had finally burned to the gold leaf band, and a clump of ash sat alone in the chrome ashtray. He signaled the waitress, and another server bought a tall glass of ice water. He sipped, swished the water in his mouth and wiped his top lip.