As I reached for another writing utensil Mr. Williams waved his hand for another rum and coke martini. I could not ignore how many time his cell phone vibrated the table, he would glance at the phone number, but would not answer from being rude. Forty minute into this dialogue, I learned a great deal about this business machine. I had asked several personal and business related questions in between his deep drags off the cigar. His answers were short, to the point with a serious tone of voice staring me dead in the face. "Family is good, but doing business is always a work in progress. This journey is never ending of unexpected situations to negative forces draining your soul. This profession is hands on only, no damn book or professor can teach this shit. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak minded. I have a passion for this game, and I will always strive to win." A wink is spotted from the waitress from Mr. Williams as she gently sits down the frosted glass filled with a dark bubbly beverage.