"TROY BLVD is at the corner of my reality and opinion meet. Where my ideas have come to fruition, conversations made money, and plans have been memorable. My block is built of capital progress, urban aggressive aptitude, and metropolitan limitless innovations of events, projects and small businesses. Underground in the since connected to city streets of all industries from entertainment to dinning, this main street will bridge urban base businesses to shiny glass store fronts in historical and trendy communities." He takes a puff while holding up his right index finger motioning me not to speak. He places the cigar back in the astray then continues to speak as smoke is filtering out his mouth.

"TROY BLVD is the final destination for obtaining raw information given from a more personal report. Our advantage is going to places on both sides of the fence without prejudice sharing and exposing vital accounts where they would never be heard at the same time venturing back to mainstream establishments." Mr. Williams pulls himself toward me pointing to himself with honor. "Our niche will critique the truth, with an edge without politics or favors. Our goal is to reach new readers to relate, gain and give information about a new and different establishment and events throughout the city." He calmly lowered his hand and leaned back out the beam of light.